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Our Accomplishments

What have we accomplished?

  • Sponsored over 1500 children to attend primary school, over 60 children to secondary school, and three students to University.
  • Achieved high levels of passing rates for our students through tutoring programs.
  • Provided food, clothing and healthcare for students and their communities.
  • Led bi-cultural trips to Zambia to deepen relationships between communities and to assess community needs.
  • Helped construct, purchase, and improve school buildings and contributed books and supplies.
  • Partnered with a rural community, Simukanka, to build a health clinic.
  • Supported micro-businesses of women who are caring for AIDS orphans.
  • Surveyed health needs of over 2,000 children – detection and treatment of schistosomiasis in 20% of children.
  • Distributed mosquito nets to reduce malaria.


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