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Tree of Life

For at least five years our partners in Zambia had been asking us to help in providing psycho-social support for our children. It is well understood that many of our children come from very tragic backgrounds with loss of parents, dire poverty, and many forms of abuse. Sometimes the children even blame themselves for their situation. They needed support, and we have been eager to respond to this call for help, but until 2010, we really had no idea of how to go about it. Then we discovered the Tree of Life from Wendy Haskell.

Pre-school Teacher Training

A major accomplishment toward improving the overall quality of the education we provide to the Zambian children we support is providing training to the teachers in the pre-school program. This new program was designed to improve the quality of the education in our preschools which prepare students for entering government primary schools.

Tutoring Program

CWB initiated a tutoring program for seventh and ninth graders to help them prepare for the standardized tests that allow them to advance in their education. The initial pilot program yielded promising results and was expanded to more communities. The pass rates have continued to be strong—better than the national average!

Healthy Learners Program

For over ten years, Communities Without Borders (CWB) has supported the education of AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children living in the peri-urban slum compounds of Lusaka, Zambia. Beginning in 2012, CWB is piloting a focused medical effort, The Healthy Learners Program. The goal of the Healthy Learners Program is for CWB to develop a regular, ongoing system of community-based preventive health screenings for all of the children it supports in order to reduce the burden of disease and increase school attendance and performance.