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Our Mission, How We Work

What is the mission of CWB?  What is our hope? 

The mission of Communities Without Borders is to educate orphans and other vulnerable children in Africa. Our approach fosters building ongoing community-to-community relationships at the grassroots level. Through these community partnerships, our long-term hope is to:

  • Expand educational opportunities where few exist today
  • Create experiences that will build a deeper cultural understanding between the developed and developing world
  • Provide sources of sustainable support for the women and caregivers of the children

CWB is a non-governmental organization that is responding pro-actively to the global AIDS crisis. 

How do we work?

CWB works through grassroots, local, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries to establish long-term partnerships between communities in the United States and communities in Zambia.  The NGOs have been vetted and make regular reports and provide accountability for the projects.  The NGOs help to organize communities, principally women’s groups, to carry out development activities.  CWB encourages person-to-person and community-to-community relationships.

Direct services to the children are provided by our NGO partners, women volunteers in the communities where the children live, and teachers in the schools the children attend.  Our work in Zambia is done under the supervision of Jane Ndulo, RN, a part-time envoy who coordinates work with partner NGOs.  In the U.S. we work through a board of directors and other volunteers in partner communities.

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